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Vicente Martinez High School is a WASC accredited school and a diploma from Vicente Martinez High School is considered a "regular" high school diploma. There is a 210 credit requirement for graduation. 

Vicente Martinez High School is an educational option for 16 - 18 year old students that focuses on student learning and academic achievement through alternative pathways to earn a high school diploma and prepare students for post graduation. There are approximately 100 students who attend Vicente Martinez High School with a maximum class size of 23. The majority of students who attend Vicente enrolled due to credit deficiency. Students who enroll in Vicente have the opportunity to accelerate credit earning in order to graduate on time. 

The staff at Vicente Martinez High School is committed to providing support for each student's social and emotional growth as well as improved academic achievement. The values emphasized in our school culture are:

Honesty, empathy, self-control, responsibility, collaboration, tolerance, clear communication, patience, persistence, positive attitude, integrity, and goal setting.


-Carol Adams, Principal 

Student Testimonials





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