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Image of McGraw Hill - ALEKS program includes link to student login page.


Image of the Search Institute logo.

Image of a Sumdog learning site with link to Sumdog student login page.

Image of  a HoodaMath logo with link to Math game page for students.

Logo image  for Coolmath-Games website with link to play games.

Logo image for Center of Game Science with link to play games.


Classroom Technology



Image of a DELL laptop.



  Dell's Chromebook is completely composed of black-gray plastic. The
  surfaces are roughened. Dell    developed these Chromebooks with  
  schools and universities in mind, and thus the laptop has to be  quite
  enduring. Three  sides of the lid and the base unit are enclosed in a
 rubber frame that protects the  device against bumps.  Dell states that
  the laptop has been tested in compliance with US military  standards.