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Student Testimonials

Vicente Martinez High School Testimonials


I've been at Vicente Martinez for about 2 months now and have more help here then at any other school I have been to. The teachers and staff are great and love to work one on one to help encourage us. Vicente has gotten me more credits in the little time I have been there then anywhere else. The campus is clean and the students are all friendly and helpful. I'm glad I ended up at Vicente instead of another school. Thank you to all the teachers and staff who have helped me thru my senior year. 

~ Patrick, Grade 12


So far at Vicente its been nice and the teachers have been really helpful. The classes are small which help when you have social anxiety and the kids have not been a problem. I like Vicente. Its a place where I feel safe and at home in a way. When I was at Alhambra I was scared and anxious every day; here I've able to express myself in a way that I never thought I could.

~ Eddie, Grade 10


Briones School Testimonials


I like Briones, because I no longer feel stressed going to school and I am able to manage the work and improve my grades. The projects let me use technology to show that I've learned and they are interesting and fun. 

~ Savannah, Grade 9


Briones has met my learning needs. I have learned essential skills. At Alhambra I was bored and wasn't present in the class. I had my headphones in and zoned out. At Briones, I am engaged in my work. Briones works for me.

~ Aidan, Grade 12


I enjoy being at Briones because I have a whole new level of independence. Brionies prepares me for college and the real world. I had to learn how to manage my time better, put off procrastinating and become as attentive as possible. With my free time, I take up extra groups, clubs or classes I enjoy. Another perk is that I can study anything I choose. It can be through Briones/ Vicente, Alhambra or even community colleges. This makes me so excited to learn about the things I love to do and want to do for a career, and I can start learning, taking classes and doing research on it as early as in high school.

~ Xiomara Menendez, Grade 10