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Meet Our Teachers!



Dr. Marilyn Brouette 
Briones Office 1

Briones Independent Study


Dr. Marilyn Brouette has taught independent study for over twenty years. She is a curriculum clinician for the California Consortium of Independent study. Incorporating educational technology and her expertise in multiple content areas, she has developed strategies for a highly effective model of common core implementation as well as a standards articulated data base of curriculum resources. Dr. Brouette is also a choral director in and music specialist in California schools and lectures internationally in music education and pedagogy as well as performed with the San Francisco Opera as well as in 14 countries. Experiencing culture around the world is a favorite activity and Dr. Brouette has traveled to 46 countries.  Dr. Brouette loves teaching at Briones School!


Katie Collins

Room 2

Vicente Martinez High School - Art Teacher


Katie Collins has been teaching High School Art for 13 years. To most people's surprise, her actual degree is in Forestry and Resource Management from UC Berkeley. She went back to school at Colorado State University to become an Art Teacher.  Much of her time teaching has been spent working with students and their communities to create public art.  She was the Academy Coordinator for the Public Art and Design Academy at Liberty High School where she worked for 10 years. Mrs. Collins lives in Martinez and can be found around town chasing her three sons! Mrs. Collins was thrilled to start working for the Martinez Unified School District 3 years ago. Teaching Art in her own community is something she used to dream of. In her spare time she likes DIY projects on her house, going camping and enjoying the outdoors with her family, gardening and reading a good book.  


Barbara Duvall

Barbara Duvall

Briones Office 3
Briones Independent Study


Barbara Duvall taught for 14 years at Vicente, before transferring 7 years ago to her current teaching position at Briones. A strong advocate for alternative education and instrumental in continuing program improvement, she volunteers time to WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) to serve as the chairman of visiting teams that recommend school accreditation status. Believing all students have worth, she feels her professional relationships with her students are vital to their success and one of the most rewarding aspects of her job. Mrs. Duvall has a Bachelors Degree in Education from Indiana University, Bloomington, where she was in an advanced teacher preparation program. She also attended Chapman University, and completed graduate level coursework through U.C. Davis, Cal State Hayward, Chico State, and St. Mary’s College. Her credential licenses her to teach all subjects, grades K-Adult.  Professional experience includes Coordinator/Lead Teacher for the Vicente/Briones Medical Careers Academy, presenter at California Continuation School Association Conferences, member of the Superintendent’s Curriculum Advisory Committee and teacher at a private school for severely learning disabled students.  Other volunteer experience includes, Chapter Coordinator for CHADD (Children with Attention Deficit Disorder) of Contra Costa County, and member of a local arts organization governing board. She enjoys visiting her 2 young grandchildren in Indiana, dancing at venues with live music, running, kayaking, and hiking with her husband, Joe, and their 2 English Labradors.  Her free time is spent creating digital artwork for greeting cards and posters, teaching children’s summer art classes, and writing stories about her adventures.


Emily Eaton

Emily Eaton

Room 7
Vicente Martinez High School - Social Studies

Emily Eaton has been teaching United States History, Modern World History, and Economics at Vicente Martinez High School since 2011. After earning her degree in the Teaching of History from the University of Illinois Chicago, she moved to California where she fell in love with the weather. Emily has spent the majority of her teaching career working in alternative education around the Bay Area. She is passionate about social justice and citizenship, preparing students for their futures in college and career, and sharing her love of the social sciences with her students. Currently, she is attending the University of San Francisco for graduate school. In her free time, she loves traveling, hiking, and dining.



Sabrina Emigh

Sabrina Emigh                  

Room 5  
Vicente Martinez High School - Math, PE, Work Experience                                                         


Sabrina Emigh is a true “Martizian.”  She was born in the town of Martinez and continues to live here.  The only time left Martinez is when she was away to college.  Sabrina graduated from UC Davis and received her teaching credential from St. Mary’s College.  She begins her 28th year of teaching this year, all of which have been dedicated to the Martinez Unified School District.  She taught for 16 years at John Swett Elementary and is beginning her 12th year here at Vicente Martinez HS.  Ms. Emigh loves what she does each and every day because of the students.  She loves her two daughters and her husband of 21 years.  She loves good food, good books, and spending time with friends and family.  She enjoys watching both of her daughters compete in soccer.  She looks forward to adventures anywhere with her family.  


Cynthia Longergan

Cynthia Lonergan
Room 6

Vicente Martinez High School - Science & Government


Ms. Lonergan found her passion when she decided to become a teacher earning her bachelor's degree at the University of Washington, Seattle in Natural Sciences over 25 years ago.  Ms Lonergan relocated from Seattle to the Bay area to earn her teacher's credential. Cynthia is grateful to be able to have become a teacher & adores working with her students. If you ever ask her why she has continued teaching for the past 26 years she will tell you “The light in my student’s eyes and is like teaching hope for tomorrow’ You may wonder how she ended up teaching in Martinez CA? Well, one day back in about 1993 Cynthia & her mother decided to take a ‘country’ drive and happened upon the town of Martinez. While driving along the hills,  through downtown along the waterfront, hearing the AMTRAK train she instantly fell in love with the area, people & quaintness of Martinez reminding her of her own Midwestern roots- well ever since that drive years ago she has never left Martinez for another job; she has taught 5th grade at John Swett; Science at MJHS & Advanced Sciences at AHS before coming to VMHS no matter where you may find her in Martinez teaching Cynthia has enjoyed every site and every child and believes the community of Martinez is extra special & unique nestled in this bay area huge metropolis is this quaint town filled with lots of love & ‘‘down- home’ goodness & people reminding her of an era gone by.



Paula marchese-Caccamo

Paula Marchese-Caccamo

Room 3

Vicente Martinez High School - English & Credit Recovery Teacher in Charge


Paula Marchese-Caccamo has been teaching since 1993 and absolutely loves being a part of the Vicente Martinez High School team of educators.  If you ask her, she will tell you this is her dream job and that it’s such a privilege to be working with the students she has.  She grew up in Minnesota and finally escaped the cold in 1998, thankfully relocating to beautiful California.  Ms. MC, as she is known on campus, teaches English Language Arts and Advisory.  Ms. MC loves to read, take walks and spend time with family.  She and her husband make their home in Benicia and are the happy parents of a teenager and a toddler.



Gretchen VanTil
Briones Office 2
Briones Independent Study


Ms. Van Til enjoys teaching Briones students, learning the law of our land, skiing, scuba diving and traveling... her two favorite places are Paris and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.